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We are a leading supplier in the industry to over 1600 companies across South Africa.
Our fleet of 20 refrigerated trucks deliver the Western Cape, while bulk orders get’s transported with a third party all over the country.

Deli-Co Lamb Catering and restaurants


Whole, Primal and Portioned Cuts. Pot ready offal and skilpadjies.

Deli-Co Beef


Primal and Portioned cuts, Matured Steaks, Minced Meats Products and Sausages.

Deli-Co Pork Belly


Primal and Portioned Cuts, Minced Meats Products and Sausages.

Deli-Co chicken breast


Primal and Portioned Cuts. 

Deli-Co Biltong Room


Biltong, Bites, Droewors and Salami Sticks.


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