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Our Philosophy

We believe that food is an expression of love, and as such, we pour our hearts into creating each dish. Our philosophy is centered on using only the highest quality, freshest ingredients and allowing them to shine in their natural state. We strive for simplicity and elegance in our food, without the need for overly elaborate embellishments. Our cuisine is contemporary and highlights the familiar flavors of South Africa, with a focus on texture and seasonal colors.

Recipes from the Farm

Lamb Offal Tripe & Trotters – Italian Lamb Tripe

Let your palate experience a culinary adventure. With premium Lamb Offal.

Lamb Skilpadjie With 3 Sauces

Elevate your taste buds to new heights, with the Lamb skilpadjies. 3 Sauces that not introduce you to the taste of home but truly just layerd in deliciousness.

Lamb Shoulder – 8 Hour Roast Greek Lamb Shoulder

With our slow roast lamb shoulder you will be ready to discover the savory and succulent flavors of a mouth-watering tender dish.

Lamb Shoulder – Greek Panzanella Pita Bread Salad

Lamb shoulder is a hidden gem that's often overlooked. Its tenderness and rich flavor make it perfect for slow-roasting or grilling.

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